Blazin' SoulFood Catering

Specializing in flavors that "ignite sudden outbursts of emotion" in your soul!

Meet Chef Blaze!

Chef Blaze Martin-Hobbs is a dynamic Culinary Artist who strives to exceed client expectations by delivering quality service with a winning personality and exceptionally tasty cuisine! 

With over fifteen years of experience placing a value on diversity, showing respect for customers, and striving for customer service excellence, Chef Blaze has worked a variety of fast paced catering events, such as The Emmy’s Governor’s Ball, The Celebrity Gala at the Scientology Center, The Oscars, and The Kid’s Choice Awards! She has also had the pleasure of working side by side with The Patina Group, The Kitchen for Exploring Foods, and the Wolfgang Puck catering kitchen set out of Los Angeles, CA. However, one of the major highlights of her career, thus far, has been working with the amazing Iron Chef Sakai at his fundraiser at the InterContinental Los Angeles Century City Hotel in the Beverly Hills Grand Ballroom in December of 2012! 

Chef Blaze made the decision in 2012 to take her love for marrying flavors and creating recipes to another level by bringing Blazin' SoulFood Catering to fruition!

Blazin' SoulFood, services Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Delaware, providing catering services for parties/events, and personal in-home cooking services just to name a few!